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- WDLA goes China - New World Directory of Free Flight Paragliding/Hang gliding
As a joint venture with Evergo, Flying-Pages will produce the “Global Directory of Light Aviation” (GDLA). It is your chance to bring your products to thousands of new customers - get our new price list with attractive prices for the chinese market.

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WIDOLA.com is a unique worldwide search engine for everything about flying for fun, from paraglider schools in Argentina to ultralight helicopters in Japan.

Based on the successful "World Directory of Leisure Aviation" – the Yellow Pages of sport aviation printed in three languages (French, German and English) it ensures that pilots and flying enthusiasts always have access to the most up-to-date information.

A particular feature is that manufacturers or other professionals can add or change their contact details and technical data online. THERE IS NO CHARGE FOR THIS. All information is checked by our editors before being published online and, later, also used in our next printed edition.

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